BRITEX initially started as a forging unit and hence carries more than 15 years of forging experience. We deeply understand the material flow, forging techniques, die designing & tooling.

We have a strict manufacturing process (entirely system directed) where raw material (identified by heat number) is tracked as it enters the forging area, where it gets assigned LOT number to track the batches forged together. This information is punched on the finished product so that at any time during its life, its history can be easily and accurately obtained.

BRITEX continuously evolves by adapting to latest tools and technology to deliver quality products - like we use Infra red pyrometer for accurately monitoring forging temperature

We have 2 close die hammers, 3 trimming presses and 1 open die hammer. In addition to that we have forging partners who carry out forging for supplied cut material & die as per our directions.

Heat Treatment Facility

We have a dedicated Heat Treatment furnace well equipped with thermocouples which in turn are digitally connected to software for recording time and temperature (soaking temperature & period). Thus as required, the heat treatment information (heat treatment chart) can be provided for units shipped from BRITEX

BRITEX houses several heat treatment options which are carried out depending on standards and customer requirements. We have relevant infrastructure to carry out: Normalizing, Solution Annealing, Hardening & Tempering.