Britex Engineering is certified with ISO 9001:2015, OHSAAS 140001:2015 and EMS 45001:2018, PED, EIL, IBR, AD Merkblatt

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We at BRITEX Manufacture Bonnets depending on their design and customer requirements. Special Bonnet assemblies can be Manufactured as per specific service requirements.

Bonnets are integral Components of Valves. Bonnets contain the packing box, provide a base to the actuator and ensure leak-proof operation of the Valve. Different types of Bonnets are available depending upon the application, for instance Bonnets for use in high pressure applications and for applications that necessitate frequent cleaning or inspection.

Special attention is given to the design of Bonnets within design constraints and maintenance needs post installation. Bonnets can be connected to the Valve Body with several connections including pressure sealing, threaded connections and welding, to name a few.

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