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Stub End

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Stub End Flanges
Stub End

A Stub End is a Concise Pipe Segment Featuring One Flared End and One Square-Cut End, Intended for Welding to a Pipe with Matching Specifications of NPs, Material Grade, and Schedule. These Fittings Serve as Alternatives to Welded Flanges, Especially in Applications Where Rotating Back-Up Flanges Are Preferred. Primarily Utilized in Conjunction with Standard Lap Joint Flanges, Stub Ends Offer Flexibility in Piping Configurations.

Recognized as a Prominent Stub End Flanges Manufacturer and Supplier in India, Britex Engineering Specializes in Delivering Top-Quality Products. The use of Stub Ends Not Only Facilitates the Reduction of High-Grade Material Weight in Stainless, Duplex, and Nickel Alloy Piping Systems but Also Leads to Significant Cost Savings. This makes Britex Engineering a Reliable Partner for Industries Seeking Efficient and Cost-Effective Solutions in Piping Components.

Three Types of Stub Ends  –

Type A, Type B and Type C. Type A and B stub end are similar to forged fittings, such as elbows and tees, and type C stub end are made in customized sizes.

Type A –The type A stub end is used for standard lap joint flange. The lap thickness on the stub end is greater than or equal to the nominal thickness of pipe wall.

Type B – The type B stub end is used for standard Slip On Flanges as lap flanges. The lap thickness on these short ends is greater than or equal to the nominal thickness of pipe wall.

Type C- The type C stub end can be used for standard lap joint flange and slip on flange. It is flared leaving a rounded edge at the inside diameter of the lap. If necessary, the radius can be made closed to a square.

They are also available in two patterns – Short pattern and Long pattern.

Benefits of Stub End

Stub Ends also match both pipe material and wall schedule to maintain both inside and outside diameters of your piping process. This style is typically used in engineered piping systems with critical wall thickness requirements. The combination of a Stub End and a backing flange is generally used as an alternative to a standard flange. Stub ends are available in most grades of material.

Britex Engineering comes into a wide picture when it comes to manufacturer and supplyer of excellent quality Forged and Forged Components in India. Also We are Manufacturer of  stub ends in India for various industries and industrial purposes.

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Stub End

Britex Engineering is a Leading Manufacturer of Stub End Flanges in India. We Manufacture Slip On Flanges, Weld Neck Flanges, and Blind Flanges as Per Customer Requirements. Request a Quote.

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