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Connecting Rods

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Connecting Rods
Connecting Rods

At BRITEX, we specialize in the Manufacturing of Connecting Rods, tailoring them to specific designs and customer requirements. As a dedicated Connecting Rods Manufacturer for the Automotive Industry in India, precision engineering and high-quality products are our commitment.

Connecting Rods play a pivotal role in converting the motion of the piston to the crankshaft, transforming reciprocal motion into rotational motion. These rods feature bearing portions on both ends, with the piston side referred to as the small end and the crankshaft side as the big end. Constructed from forged steel, Connecting Rods must exhibit high strength and uniform mass properties, ensuring compatibility with other connecting rods attached to the crankshaft. BRITEX stands as a reliable partner for industries seeking top-notch Connecting Rods in India.

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Connecting Rods

Britex Engineering is a Leading Manufacturer of Connecting Rods in India. Manufacture Connecting Rods Depending on Custom Design and Customer Requirements. Request a Quote.

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